Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 2014

The truth is, I can not think of anything particularly earth-shattering or new or different that happened in August.  So you will have to bear with me through a sentimental post.  I am keenly aware of my boys' age.  "Their age?", you ask.  Yes, their age.  You see, they turned 10 months old and will quickly be one year old, and before I know it, they will be three years old like Sienna, and definitely, without a doubt no longer babies.  

Can I say something crazy?  I don't know how people stop having kids.  I don't know how you can calmly and determinedly say to yourself, "This is the last time I will have a 10 month old baby."  I certainly can not make that statement right now.  I suppose I will come to a place where I will be ready to make such a decision, but I am not there.  

10 months is glorious...10 months is the epitome of wonderful baby adorableness.  They are still very much babies (squishy, like to be held, not too many teeth, make cute sounds, innocent, not deliberate in their attitudes), but they are not as dependent and delicate as newborns, or as sassy and irrational as toddlers (or is that just mine?) : )  

I have a heightened sense of urgency to hold my boys.  I want to feel their soft, warm, still small bodies in my arms.  I want to squeeze them, look in to their bright eyes, and smile back at their slimy, (getting) toothy mouths.  I want to bottle them up and keep them here forever.  How will I remember?  I feel like I have these very vague memories of Sienna at this age.  I want to remember more with them.  I want to remember how they sounded and how they felt and what they did and how they looked.  

Honestly, I am grateful to feel this way because feeling this way tells me I am doing a half way decent job of not letting life pass me by.  I need to cherish more moments, but I am doing my best to be intentional and be present, and take notice of the most beautiful tiniest details of my life.  

My best friend, Rachel, came to Tampa with her
2 kids, Noa and Titus!  We have quite a crew!

Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014

July was a sentimental month.  I often found myself staring at my children in awe and wonder, squeezing them tighter than normal, and furiously brainstorming about HOW I can freeze them in time.  Right here.  Right now.  I am so grateful that I feel like I have been able to STOP, and embrace so many little moments throughout the day, but it also makes me MISS THEM ALREADY.  

Maybe it's because I know we are entering in to another transition.  Sienna will be three years old next month. Three is just different.  You definitely are not a baby anymore.  You are on the precipice of going to real school.  It's just different.  It's older.  And there's no way around it.  

Price and Maddox are about to walk and they will be one year old in a few months.  Again...another HUGE transition in childhood.  They are so smushy and cuddly and innocent and IN LOVE with me right now.  With walking comes more independence, and with independence comes more resistance and exerting of wills.  

I'm not ready.  I want to bottle them up.  I want to NOT FORGET.  There are certain things I remember about Sienna when she was the boys' age (9 months).  But why don't I remember more?  How could I have forgotten?  It pains me and puts me in to a panic that I won't recall what they were like right here and now.  What do I do?  How DO you remember?  

Outside of being sentimental, July was an incredible month.  We started July off at one of my favorite (also sentimental) places in the world...Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, FL.  Matt made the very brave and humble decision to serve as a camp counselor for twenty-two 8th graders.  Yes...twenty-two 8th graders.  My mom, dad, Sienna, the boys, and I all went up for just one night to see him and visit the place where my memories start at around 3 or 4 years of age all the way up through college.  I love Camp Kulaqua.  I cherish the hilarious, sweet, peaceful, and exciting moments I have had there.

July is also home to my favorite holiday, the 4th of July!  We went to a parade where we were rained on followed by the thick humidity that made us sweat like pigs.  So naturally it was the perfect way to spend the 4th : ) 

My Beachbody business boomed this month.  I more than doubled the coaches I had underneath me, had 35 Success Club points, and rank advanced to Diamond.  I realize this doesn't mean much to most people reading this, but just know I am dumbfounded, grateful, humbled and thrilled by such an exciting month for me in my business.  I am so looking forward to what my Beachbody future holds for me!  

Sienna Spotlight: 

I had a red starburst and she had picked an orange one.  Of course then she decided she wanted the red one (my favorite), wrenched it out of my hand, gave me the orange one and then said, "See, we are sharing!"

Price's nose started bleeding (we still don't know why), and Sienna started crying and sobbed, "But he's my favorite boy!"  Ahhh...the truth comes out! : )

I was singing "Let It Go" in the car and I could see her just staring blankly at me from her carseat.  Finally she says, "You don't sing good."

As I was getting her ready for bed, I pulled out a pair of Christmas pajamas that she had pooped in a few month prior.  She told me she couldn't sleep in those because she had pooped in them.  But I reassured that it was okay because I washed them.  After looking at me very SKEPTICALLY, she said smartly, "Let me smell them."  

Sienna told me her stomach hurt, so I asked her if she needed to go potty.  She said no.  Five minutes later, she changed her mind, and went.  As she was finishing up, I asked her if her tummy felt better.  She said, "No, I still miss my Daddy."

I was trying to convince Sienna to wear this particular shirt.  I bribed her, begged her, and finally wore her down.  She looked at me and absolutely exasperated said, "ALRIGHT!"  She actually stunned Matt and I in to silence because she literally sounded 16 years old.  

I looked underneath the couch to get a plastic ball for the boys, and found all of our spanking sticks underneath!  Someone's been trying to hide them! : ) 

Double Trouble: 

Both boys are crawling and pulling up now!  Maddox crawled about two weeks earlier than Price, but both started pulling up at the same time.  

I LOVE the sound of Maddox's little hands and knees scurrying across the floor, especially when I can hear him pick up the pace because he's excited about something (usually me)!

Maddox gets very excited to see me and will crawl right up to me and try to climb up my leg.

Maddox loves the dishwasher.  He hears me open that thing from across the room, and here he comes!  What's funny is that it reminded me that Sienna used to LOVE the dishwasher too!  

Price loves doors.  He will sit at the door and swing it back and forth. 

I love the way Price talks.  It's these very manly sighs and grunts.  We have whole conversations that way.  

Maddox follows Sienna and I around like a puppy. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 2014

With the risk of being a Negative Nancy, I admit that I was worried about June.  Matt will have officially been retired for a over a month, the newness of him being home all the time might wear off, and he might realize what a colossal mistake it was to retire.  June scared me.  

But here we are in July and things are still going really great!  Don't get me wrong...we are NOT on Cloud 9 all the time.  We are not the perfect picture of marital bliss.  We do not always turn tantrums in to teaching moments.  Sometimes tantrums are just tantrums and we get frustrated and yell.  Sometimes Matt and I are tired of each other (shocking, I know)!  

But overall, after such a MONUMENTAL life transition, we are more at peace and happier than I ever thought we would be.  Matt feels like he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.  So what IS he doing exactly?  The question is...what ISN'T he doing?!  He is still involved in the rent-to-own car business he started over a year ago (EZ Auto Rent-To-Buy), he is involved in some real estate investments, he became a partner in franchising a fast-casual pizza restaurant called Pie 5, and he has a few other options on the table, as well.  The wheels of his mind are always grinding and truthfully, it can wear me out.  But I know how blessed I am to have married such a creative, smart, and hard-working man.

Beachbody has been so fun and just busy enough to keep me on my toes, and make sure I don't have one second of free time! : )  Matt and I were able to get away for three days to Las Vegas, for the Beachbody Summit and then to Phoenix for two days to see some close friends, the Beltramos and Graffaninos.  It was really nice to get away, but it was a LOT of work!  Arranging care for the kids, packing their stuff, stocking the refrigerator, etc.  But of course, my parents were extremely helpful and took on all three kids for the majority of our time away.  I don't know how people with kids live away from their families.  I couldn't have done this without my family and Matt's mom.  

Sienna Spotlight: 

Sienna has been sleeping in a twin bed without a bed rail for quite a few months now.  Well she did fall out of bed at my parent's house just a few weeks ago.  She came out crying, and told my dad that, "The bed tipped over!".  He then told her she could sleep in his bed, but she was afraid THAT bed would tip over also!  I love the way their little minds work.  It never ceases to amaze me.

After witnessing Matt go #2 on the potty, she boldly told him, "You had a snake in your butt!"  To me, this is the FUNNIEST thing she has ever said.  

Matt will often act like a "monster" and chase Sienna around the house.  One night they had been playing this, but Matt was resting on the couch and I was laying down on the floor.  I got up to go to the bathroom, and she said, "Make sure monster don't get you.  He's on the couch."

After returning home from my Las Vegas trip, Sienna gave me a big hug and said, "You're my best friend."  Sweet girl made my day.  

Matt makes her oatmeal nearly everyday, so one morning she tells me, "Daddy make my oatmeal, Mommy.  Not you.  Daddy my best friend."  She made his day : )

She still loves Frozen, The Lorax, Tangled, and Hillsong's Crazy Noise.  She can do a small puzzle by herself, struts around in high heels like it ain't no thing, and still wants to change clothes three times/day.

Double Trouble:

Maddox has been on hands and knees just rocking away, but not budging!  He has tried to move his knees, but then he collapses on his face because he hasn't figure out that he has to move his arms too.  

Price still grunts.  His voice and cries are so deep.  I love hearing him.

They are both finally eating solids without putting up a fuss and spitting most of it out. 

Price has STRONG legs.  I am actually afraid he is going to break his jumperoo.  He also can stand if I help him hold on to something.  Maddox doesn't seem to know what do with his legs when I put him in the standing position.  

Papa LaPorta!